NCAA® Tournament Fantasy Draft Cheat Sheets

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NCAA Tournament Fantasy drafts are becoming the hot new way to enjoy March Madness, and take the tournament to the next level from a fans perspective.  Although, they have been around for more than 10 years, NCAA fantasy tournament drafts have just started really gaining steam within the last few years, and are still very new compared to traditional tournament bracket pools.


The Challenging thing about this new fantasy sports game is the compressed timeline.  After Selection Sunday, participants have no more than a couple days to pull together a player ranking cheat sheet to use during the draft, which typically takes place on Tues. or Wed. evening at latest, with opening round games beginning on Thursday.  Going forward, this timeline may become even more condensed with play-in games taking place on Tuesday night.


Let us do the research for you, and save you hours of time preparing for draft night.  We have been participating in these drafts since the late 1990s and have a ranking methodology that has been tweaked over the years and has proven to be as accurate as possible, considering the upsets and unknowns that always take place.  The advantages are simple...

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